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Pick Trusted FOREX broker

Use 12 years of our experience in the industry to pick the best broker. Pick the broker truly on your side with no conflict of interest. Get the best execution conditions.

Trade with the best to be the best. 



“We are absolutely confident, that DARWINEX is the best forex broker in the world. It provides excellent trading conditions and it connects forex traders with large investors. All of this, while protecting intellectual property of the trader with revolutionary technology called DARWIN's. ” 


-Team TheForexKings

12 Reasons to trade with DARWINEX

1. DARWINEX is investing 4 000 000 USD per month in its best traders

DARWINEX its the only broker in the world investing in its traders. 4 000 000 USD per month are invested in top performing traders.

2. Best platform in the world to get investors

DARWINEX is the best platform in the world for ambitious traders looking to get capital from investors. Trader gets 20 percent of the profit he has created for investor. There are thousands of large investors, hungry to invest in talented forex traders ! Top Forex traders in darwinex easily accumulated over 1 000 000 USD of invested capital. Join them now !


3. You can migrate your existing MT4 account and its history

If you have profitable live history of trading on MT4 , you don't have to start all over again. You can migrate your MT4 Account to darwinex with all  its history, create DARWIN and start getting investors immediately.


4. Perfect for investing

The best traders on the planet flock to Darwinex. Why ? Best execution conditions, large investor pool and protection of intellectual property. This also means that you can invest in those best traders from all around the world. You can choose from hundreds of amazing and consistently profitable forex professionals to invest in. Investors platform comes with unlimited demo. Try it now !

5. Protection of intellectual property of trader

Revolutionary, never before used technology - DARWIN enables investors to copy the performance of FX trader while individual trades remain hidden. It is therefore not possible to reverse engineer the strategy or to ressel the signal ( profitable signal can be worth million of dollars). Protect your trading secrets with DARWINEX !

6. Extremely low trading costs.

Trading conditions at DARWINEX are simply amazing. Execution costs are absolutely lowest in forex industry. Low trading costs enable to profit the from systems, that would be killed with other brokers. Trade with DARWINEX to get the best possible execution for your trades.

7. Broker on your side (no conflict of interest).

DARWINEX is one of the best ECN/STP/NDD brokers in the market. Orders are executed in large liquidity pools (20 first and second tier banks). There is no conflict of interest. By design, darwinex wants you to win and be profitable.

8. Perfect for any type of trading.
You don't have to worry about trading costs and execution. Therefore you can trade without limitations always under fair conditions.


9. MT4 and MT5 Platform

Great for using MT4 Exxpert advisors. 


10. Cashback rebate program

DARWINEX is extremely suitable for high volume trading. Aparat from great trading conditions, broker offers cash back (rebate) program that will return up to 40 percent of your trading commission each month.


11. Security and regulation

DARWINEX is regulated by  FCA financial authority of  United Kingdom.


12. Friendly Team behind DARWINEX

We have communicated with darwinex team plenty. We have always received highest level of attention and help with friendly approach. Team is highly skilled and extremely professional. After 12 years of dealing with brokers we have never encountered better support.

Get the best execution conditions with most trusted broker. Trade on professional platform and get investors capital. On all MT4 platform with ECN/NDD access to the market. DARWINEX is the broker of our choice. 

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  • Oldest ECN forex broker.

  • Client security. Australia based.

  • Professional trading tools.

  • Broker on your side.

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