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Troubleshooting guide

Dear User

This troubleshooting guide will help you to quickly resolve any issue you might be having with our Expert Advisor, without the need to describe your issue in depth, provide detailed screenshots and wait for our analysis.

Please contact us only after you have followed instructions in this guide and issue still persists.

When contacting us, please inform us about the issue you are experiencing in as much detail as possible within your first message (,,EA doesn't work,, type of message will not get us anywhere). Once you follow the instructions in this guide and issue still persists please provide screenshots (test, inputs, historical tester, chart) and as much description of the issue as possible in your first email. This way we can resolve your issue quickly, within few messages instead of 20 emails. Our time is as much precious as yours.

Installation: Installation is a simple drag and drop process. Place the EX4 file you have downloaded in Experts folder of your platform and restart it.

  1. Open MT4 platform:

  2. Click File/Open Data folder/MQL4/Experts:

  3. Place your EX4 file into the Experts folder.

  4. Close the folder.

  5. Restart the MT4 platform.

EA can be now used. It can be found both in strategy tester and under the experts in navigator window.

Launching the historical data test in MT4 and replicating our test results

1. Launch strategy tester:

First thing you need to do, is to launch strategy tester. To do so In MT4 platform click: View/Strategy tester.

2. Pick the EA to test:

Once you open strategy tester, you need to find our EA that you want to test. In dropdown menu of historical tester, pick your purchased Expert Advisor to run your test.

3. Set the inputs values for your EA:

Our expert will be delivered with random inputs. You will need to manually input them (takes about 30 seconds) to do so. In historical tester click on expert properties.Manually input all our tested inputs (available in each product gallery) into the value column of your expert advisor. Make sure that the your values match our tested values (to replicate our test). If your EA comes with preloaded input set, click load and find downloaded set file in your computer and load it.

4. Set the same test conditions:

Now you need to make sure, that you test the EA in same conditions and on the same data as we have. To do so, adjust following parameters in historical tester window to match our tested values.

  • Set the tested symbol: EURUSD

  • Set the tested period : 1H

  • Set the tested spread : 10

  • Pick the same test model that was used for our test (control points or every tick).

  • Pick the same date range for your test: Click Use Date and set the starting and ending date for the test.

  • Optional: You can also allow visual mode to observe EA work on historical data and verify its functionality.

  • Once you apply all of the above you will be able to verify EA functionality and observe its work in visual tester.

  • Finally, if you wish to match our test results, make sure you have downloaded all available data from your MT4 history center (learn how to download all available historical data in MT4 below).

Quick checklist before you contact us with any backtesting issue:

Please make sure you have following parameters set correctly for smooth testing experience.

  • Download complete historical data from my history center (EA functionality can be verified even without this step)

  • Use same inputs for testing as published in EA product gallery.

  • Test the EA on same time period of 13 years (not just a few days).

  • Set the spread for backtest to 10 points.

  • Set currency pair is to match published results (typically EURUSD).

  • Set Time Frame is to match the timeframe in published results (typically 1H).

  • Use same test model: Control points / Every Tick.

Once you make sure you have all of the above set up right and your test still comes significantly different than ours, please do not hesitate to contact us. Provide us with as much detail as possible in your first message (screenshots, description).

How to download all available historical data in MT4

1. Adjust max number of bars in chart and history: