First day of FOREX trading in Koh Samui (Thailand 2014, Before it was cool)

Exiting the plane in Bangkok feels like entering the sauna. I briefly observe airport workers looking for the smallest shadow to hide in. However, the heat is radiating from the concrete.

We wait few hours for our plane to Koh Samui. We eat airport food and I have some beers. The airport is spacious and modern, filled with people from all around the world.

As we enter the flight to the island, atmosphere changes. Everything is much more relaxed. You can tell, that everybody on the plane is looking forward for the holiday.

If Bangkok airport felt like sauna, airport in Koh Samui feels like garden. It is open and green. Fresh breeze is blowing the through wooden hall. There are small exotic birds and butterflies. Proper tropical atmosphere.

Getting the shuffle to the hotel is not an issue. The transport takes about 1 hour. During the ride, I try to observe as much as I can. I am fascinated by the country and I can't wait to explore it.

As we check in the hotel the sun slowly sets. Once we get in to the room it is already hard to appreciate the view. I quickly check my trades on iPad. After about 20 hour of traveling am dead tired.

But the urge to explore is stronger.

I quickly shower and I hurry outside, looking for the sea. When I find it I'm instantly recharged. If I wanted to sleep 5 minutes ago, now I want to live it up.

I run back to the room to wake my girlfriend. She doesn't know yet but, we are going to party.



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