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Discipline will change your life

Since I was a kid, discipline was never cool to me. It was something I avoided as It always stood between me and having fun.

It meant cleaning my room, before I went out to play with friends. It meant making my homework before I can go watch cartoons. It meant waking up 15 minutes too early, so I can make my bed.

It always felt like punishment and I avoided it at all costs.

Only as grown man I realized : Discipline equals freedom.

Discipline is what drives man to win, conquer and live life of prosperity, health and freedom.

Discipline will make you accomplish the goal no matter the discomfort.

Concentrating on task its hard. And motivation disappears quickly – it is weak. Discipline will not let you down. It will drive you steadily to your destination thought the heartache, disappointment and losses.

It will drive you to your destination while no one believes in you, when you tired, unmotivated and beaten down.

Thanks to discipline, you will accomplish much more. Some say, that there is no other way of arriving to your destination other than by employing discipline.

Discipline will give you strong and healthy body.

Discipline will make you exercise daily, even if you don't feel like it. It will make you go through the motions when tired or traveling. It will enable you to train around injuries. It will make you take a walk in the forest, even if its raining or freezing cold -simply because you know that it is good for the soul. It will make you eat clean., avoid food poisonous for your body.

Discipline will make you go to bed tired and sleep well. You will wake up rested, full of energy and ready to take on the world. Your body will be stronger. Oozing energy and confidence.

Skin is healthier.Injuries heal faster and with fewer consequences. Your presence is stronger. Opposite sex will react to warmly. It will make you grow old slowly. It will help you enjoy your money and success for longer.

Discipline will make your mind sharp and clean. Growing daily.

Repetition of action might get boring. There are so many distractions, so easy to consume. Yet you are creating something that takes effort, focus and time. Honing skills for years takes discipline.

Your disciplined mind will make your body stay in acute discomfort of cold shower. Simply because you know that the boost for immune system is immense.

Consistent creativity can be only achieved through discipline.

Discipline will make you see that creativity is a simple effect of practice.

Creativity doesn't have to come randomly when least expected. No matter the motivation, create and be creative as habit of discipline. Even if you have bad day and what you create will be worthless. Create.

Thanks to discipline, Your ability to create, can become readily available and easy to perform.

Discipline will set you free.

  • Discipline in training will allow your body to move freely. To run further, to lift more and to hit harder. It will keep you healthy.

  • Discipline in business will help you accomplish more. In shorter period of time, more effectively. It will help you meet your financial goals with wide margin. Sooner.

  • Discipline will lift off time constrictions of you. You will wake up earlier and waste no time with meaningless actions and distractions.

  • Discipline will free your mind. It will give you control over your actions. It will remove self-destructive habits. You will become more creative, sharper and smarter.

Eventually, discipline will allow you to live the live exactly as you want it to be.



“Trading FOREX since 2006. Full time trader and web developer since 2013. My two biggest hobbies are trading and web development. In TheForexKings I managed to connect both of them. Even after 12 years of trading I still have the same passion for the market as at the beginning. The aspect I enjoy the most : development and testing of new ideas.” 


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—  Marian, Proprietor of

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