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How does it feel to get your freedom

In April I told my boss that I wish to not renew my contract. I wanted out. They were surprised, as they probably expected me to stay there for the rest of my life.

But I wasn't. From the start I knew, that this wasn't for me.

I have spend following March preparing for my heroes journey.

In beginning of May I drove 2000 km to Greece.

I could go anywhere. So why Greece ?

I missed the ocean terribly. I envisioned sunsets over the sea. I liked everything I knew about the Greece. The culture. People. Nature. Beaches. I wanted my own mythical Odyssey.

My idea was simple: Drive to Parga and then go south along the coast. I will drive until I find my vision of paradise.

I really had no timetable and no end location.

The road was my partner.

I have found some beautiful places soon enough. Do I move south or do I stay here ? I did not know.

So I slept on the beach (pictured above) for a few nights, drinking wine and letting go of all the worries I ever had.

After spending few nights there and running out of places to see, I decided to continue south.

Finally I found beach that was almost identical to the one I used as a desktop on my work computer. I was in awe. My vision became reality so accurately.

I walked on it for a moment. Felt like home.

I rented sea view apartment in the hotel I liked the most.

I missed the sea so much. I have dreamed about it every day.

Now I have balcony overlooking it.

I was euphoric.



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—  Marian, Proprietor of

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