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Aggressive trend following forex strategy

In order to properly identify the trend. This forex strategy equips combination of 6 moving averages. All of them must be aligned correctly in order for strategy to approach step two. In second step, system identifies a pre-defined size price candle, closing in the direction of trend. This is the most realtime trend confirmation possible and works very well in this forex strategy (confirmed by historical data test).

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After the entry, we will be using aggressive adding to the winner (pyramiding) to increase the leverage of winning trades and liquidate them as soon as possible. Losing positions are liquidated without ever adding to the losing side.

This is a tremendous advantage in trending markets. It was proved on various occasions. We have tested this forex strategy on historical data since 2003 with positive results. There are also many different variations for this trading system (modify target profit and loss limit, signal candle size, etc.). EA is provided freely together with full strategy rules.

For the best results, trade with professional ECN/STP broker with MT4. If you can't trade with profit. Automatically copy the traders that are already profitable.

Forex strategy tools and indicators

Exponential moving averages (EMA 500/250, 250/100, 250/100). In all three tandems. Fast EMA trending above slow allows for long position, while fast EMAs trending below slow allows short position. By using combination of 3 Different EMA pairs, trends in different timeframes will be properly identified. It is possible to adjust al 6 EMA calculation periods.

Minimum/maximum candle size (30 - 150 pips): Signal candle must close in the direction of trend and meet the minimum requirements for body size. Once this candle occurs we enter the trade on new candle open. If trade exists, new trade can be only opened if floating account profit is more than 10 pips for each existing trade (EA calculates this value in account base currency considering the lot size).

Closing the position: Trades are closed in overall loss or profit. Caution in EA inputs, do not forget to place (–) before stop loss value.

Max number of trades is limited to 5.

Forex strategy rules


All fast EMAs trending below their slow counterparts. This identifies downtrend in all observed periods.

Sell trades only.

We wait for bearish candle with minimum size of 30 pips

Once ti closes we enter the trade short.

If trade exists, new trade is only opened if profit is greater than number of opened trades*10pips.

Close positions in overall profit of: 24

Close positions in overall loss of: -60


All fast EMAs trending above their slow counterparts. This identifies uptrend in all observed periods.

BUY trades only.

We wait for bullish candle with minimum size of 30 pips.

Once ti closes we enter the trade long.

If trade exists, new trade is only opened if profit is greater than number of opened trades*10pips.

Close positions in overall profit of: 24

Close positions in overall loss of: -60


Get MT4 expert advisor trading this forex strategy


For best results use this forex strategy with one of our trusted forex brokers

(STP/ECN with MT4 bridge).

To win you must trade with broker on your side.

Disclaimer: Expert advisor was tested for profitability on historical data. All screen shots provided are displaying real results of the test. However past data will never guarantee future success. Every expert advisor needs to be tested properly on demo account. LIVE use only on your own risk. Read full disclaimer. TheForexKings Team does not give any financial advice. TheForexKings does not take any responsibility for any user’s investments and investment decisions. All rights reserved. Strictly for personal use.



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Only in 2016 - 2017 we have created more than 400 forex strategies. During this period we have also developed and published +200 MT4 Expert advisors based on those strategies. We are dedicated to provide you with viable and complete trading systems that have thrived in extensive historical testing. We want to give you complete and transparent trading solutions, that once mastered ,will set you financially free. We want to give you a fighting and winning chance in the market. ” 

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