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Alligator HL Scalping expert advisor

Expert advisor based on alligator HL price scalper forex strategy. Alligator indicator is used to determine trend. Following entry is triggered by price rising/falling and subsequently breaking the low/high of the last signal candle. Each position has a profit target of 5 pips and stop loss of 30 pips.

Alligator HL Scalping expert advisor

Used forex indicators:

Alligator. Combination of moving averages determines uptrend/downtrend. Trade is entered only in the direction of trend.


For the best results, trade with professional ECN/STP broker with MT4. If you can't trade with profit. Automatically copy the traders that are already profitable.

Alligator HL Scalping expert advisor
  • SELL: Four consecutive candles. Low of each candle is higher than previous low. Sell pending order is placed at low of the last – fourth signal candle.

  • BUY: Four consecutive candles. High of each candle is lower than previous high. Buy pending order is placed at high of the last – fourth signal candle.

Alligator HL Scalping expert advisor

Notes to input:

  • Take profit : Take profit for orders

  • Stop loss : Stop Loss for orders

  • Alligator teeth: medium period

  • Alligator jaw: slow period

  • Alligato lips: fast period

  • Stay valid: How long will untriggered pending order remain valid until canclelled

  • Position size: determine postion size for each trade

We recommend you to use this forex strategy with one of our trusted forex brokers (STP/ECN with MT4 bridge).

To win you must trade with broker on your side.

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