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Unlimited 3. Scalping FOREX strategy

Versatility of RSI forex indicator is once more demonstrated in this scalping forex strategy. It uses two slow period RSI, to separate the trending and ranging market. Furthermore, another RSI, together with simple candle signal is used to enter the trade with tight stop loss and almost always in the direction of main trend.

Unlimited 3. Scalping FOREX strategy

Strategy works with different settings across many timeframes and most of currency pairs. Test shows impressive results for EURUSD pair.

Strategy was tested on 1H EURUSD data from 01.012013 to 01.012016.

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Used forex indicators

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RSI (relative strength index) 50, 14 and 3. Slow and medium period RSI (50 and 14) will filter the trend. Additional lines of 51 and 49 are used in both of them. Both RSI trending above 51 lines – uptrend. Both trending below 49 – downtrend. We will enter only trend following scalping positions. Entry signal is based on RSI (3) + bullish candle in downtrend and bearish candle in uptrend.

Forex strategy rules


Unlimited 3. Scalping FOREX strategy

Both RSI 50 and 14 trending below 49 line signalizing downtrend.

RSI 3 rises above 70 line. We enter the trade short on bullish candle close.

Stop loss: 20 pips

Take profit: 5 -8 pips.


Unlimited 3. Scalping FOREX strategy

Both RSI 50 and 14 trending above 51 line signalizing uptrend.

RSI 3 falls below 30 line. We enter the trade short on bearish candle close.

Stop loss: 20 pips

Take profit: 5 -8 pips.

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