Profitable Swing FOREX strategy

This relatively conservative forex system uses bollinger bands both to time the position entry and to distinguish between the uptrend and downtrend. MACD is used for position exit.

Take profit of this profitable forex strategy is exceptionally wide, as we intend to ride the trend for as long as MACD confirms price direction. Stop loss is placed at logical price level (last up/down swing).


Strategy is easy to trade and it is not time consuming. It was designed to be traded in 1H chart of any major currency pair. It can be also used in 1 and 4 hour chart.


Indicators used in this forex strategy


  • Bollinger bands forex indicator (default settings). BB will help us to distinguish between uptrend and downtrend. Standard moving average crossing will be used for that goal. BB will be also used as price tunnel adapted to market volatility. Breakout confirmed by candle close will be our entry signal. It will be trade only in the direction of general trend.

  • SMA (smoothed moving average) 200. Slow calculation period SMA will be used together with BB to separate the trend. It will filter out positions going against the general market flow.

  • MACD (moving average convergence divergence) settings (50,100,9). Main MACD histogram will help us to time position exit. We will ride a winner.

For the best results, trade with professional ECN/STP broker with MT4. If you can't trade with profit. Automatically copy the traders that are already profitable.


Forex strategy rules



Bollinger bands main line trending above SMA 200, signalizing uptrend. Enter long only.

Signal: MACD histogram closing above zero (positive). We wait for strong bullish candle to close above upper BB line. We enter position long, immediately on new candle open. 

  • Stop loss is placed below the low of last down swing, before the position entry. Fractals can be used when in doubt. SL is placed at last closed bullish fractal.

  • Take profit: First negative MACD bar closed



Bollinger bands main line trending below SMA 200, signalizing downtrend. Enter short only.

Signal: MACD histogram closing below zero (negative). We wait for strong bearish candle to close below bottom BB line. We enter position short, immediately on new candle open.

  • Stop loss is placed above the high of last upwards swing, before the position entry. Fractals can be used when in doubt. SL is placed at last closed bearish fractal.

  • Take profit: First positive MACD bar closed

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