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FOREX traders

Copy the results of most profitable live accounts

in the world

To all the aspiring traders out there. You have a long journey ahead of you. To become good FOREX trader, as with any other are of human endeavor, it takes a long time and lot of effort.


Progress is sometimes hardly noticeable. Pattern that worked yesterday doesn't have to work tomorrow, or ever again.

This makes the learning process confusing. It causes the learning process to take much more time than trader anticipates.



DARWINEX is a service connecting traders with investors.


Only live portfolios can be invested in. Live traders are competing for investors capital. Traders are only rewarded for profit created for investors.

Revolutionary system


Out of the LIVE trading system, investable asset – DARWIN is created. Underlying trades are not revealed. This protects intellectual property of the trader and allows the sustainability of the system. In other trades are not spread across the internet unprotected, destabilizing the system. There are no freeloaders.

Strict selection


DARWINEX algorithm strictly rank strategies according to various criteria. Only high quality systems (according to financial metrics) are able to rise to the top of the rankings.

Each system is competing for your investment. Various filter can be applied to filter them and choose the ones most likely to succeed.

Transparency and risk control

Regardless of your experience with forex or investing, DARWINEX algorithm based on artificial intelligence are working very well in controlling a limiting investor risk. DARWINS can be bought or sold 24/5 and price is quoted live with maximum transparency.

Profitable traders are hugely motivated to create profit for investors.


Incentive for traders to create profit for the investors is huge. They are rewarded 20 percent of profit they create for the investors.  It is surprising that Darwinex is the first platform to ever realize that signal provider needs to be rewarded fairly, not with peanuts from commission.

Signal providers are rewarded only for profit they create for investors.

In Darwinex, trader is rewarded only if he creates profit for investors. This, and overgrowing investor pool is attracting the best traders. For the first time ever traders that are actually profitable, are motivated to showcase their account and compete for the investors.

No conflict of interest


DARWINEX is operating as ECN/STP broker. There is no conflict of interest as with most of the copy trading services existing in current market environment (services trying to look interested in investors well being when they're actually, absolutely not – quite the opposite).

Suitable for larger investors

DARWINEX creates assets more exciting than stock to invest in and yet more secure and stable than any other FOREX trading alternatives.

Forex and CFDs are leveraged products. They may not be a suitable investment for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial deposits. Please make sure you understand all the risks involved. team does not give any financial advice.

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