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Green Pack

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In recent years, we have tested, analyzed and published thousands of forex strategies and forex approaches. This forex strategy definitely belongs in top 10, maybe even a top 5 of most profitable forex systems we have ever come across.

Lot of traders would hold such a strategy close to heart, without ever revealing it to even a close friends. At TheForexKings, we provide you with free and full strategy rules and expert advisor we have created to trade it automatically.

Green Pack

Green pack forex strategy is roughly based on adding to the winner principle. It was modified to better suit volatile conditions in forex. We will not try to trail stop loss after each entry as with classical adding to winner approach. Instead, each position is managed separately (trailing stop, stop, profit target). Pending positions are placed in advance and triggered only if previous position profit is already protected. Only price itself triggers orders and only rapid price movement triggers all orders.

One time payment:

29,90 USD

ECN broker investing 600 000 USD

in its best traders each month

Trend identification

Firstly, trend needs to be identified. Still, one of the best tools to identify trend - MACD is used and doubled to distinguish between major trend and current market situation on our timeframe.


  • Default periods for major MACD filter (alpha): 250 slow , 150 fast

  • Defaults periods for major MACD filter (beta): 100 slow , 50 fast


Trade zone is always created to follow the direction of both trends (major and current). For purpose of trend identification, signal line is omitted from MACD calculation and we will consider only MACD histogram.


  • If histogram closes below zero- downtrend (sell only).

  • If histogram closes above zero – uptrend(buy only).



Bollinger bands are used to simply determine relatively high / low price in the trend to ensure the best entry. If markets decides to reverse after the signal, orders will simply not be triggered as it waits above/below the market.

BB with period 60 is used by default.


  • Price touching upper BB while in dowtrend – sell signal.

  • Price touching bottom BB while in uptrend - buy signal.


There is no such thing as perfect signal. There is only good enough signal and for the purposes of this forex strategy this simple one works great.

Advanced trailing stop

Each position has separately managed, advanced trailing stop that is being adjusted after each candle close. Trailing stop protects position profit before the next trade gets triggered.

Green pack creation and logic


SELL rules.


  • Both MACD histograms closing below zero.

  • Price touches the upper BB.

  • First pending order for sell (sell stop) is placed 10 pis below the market price.

  • Another 11 orders are than placed in ten pips increments below the first order.

  • Each with stop loss of 10 pips and take profit of 100 pips.

  • Trailing stop is adjusted after each candle close. Place it ten pips above closed candle high.


BUY rules.


  • Both MACD histograms closing above zero.

  • Price touches the bottom BB.

  • First pending order for buy (buy stop) is placed 10 pis above the market price.

  • Another 11 orders are than placed in ten pips increments above the first order.

  • Each with stop loss of 10 pips and take profit of 100 pips.

  • Trailing stop is adjusted after each candle close. Place it ten pips below closed candle low.

One time payment:

29,90 USD

ECN broker investing 600 000 USD

in its best traders each month

As you can see, rules for this forex strategy are relatively simple, but very hard to follow. Following them perfectly long term is nearly impossible and requires automated trading system to follow them without an error.

Expert advisor

We have created automated trading system based on Green Pack forex strategy and following its rules. Thanks to its creation we were able to test it properly. We have found out that strategy Green pack together with expert advisor works very well for incredible amount of setting variations. Finding the right one for each currency pair was our main goal was our main goal in 2016.

1000 + Profitable settings per pair
Endless variations
Extensive High Quality testing
ECN data
Taking full advantage of the trend
Double filtered
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The best among thousands

We present you with expert advisor and forex strategy that we consider to be one of the best (if not the best) among a thousand we have tested and analyzed.


Fundamental robustness

The system is robust as it is mainly price based.

It does not look for slight statistical advantage that could be gone from market in any given moment.


Based on price itself

System focuses on fundamental market characteristics of trend, momentum and price itself.


Absolute scalability

It can be applied across all currency pairs with reasonable spread and volatility and all timeframes above 5 minutes.Because system works for wide variety of settings it can be used by many traders at once, without influencing the price at all. Thousands of profitable setting only for 1H chart of EURUSD alone !


  • Up to 15:1 risk reward ratio.

  • Ultra tight stop loss (5 -10 pips).

  • Advanced trailing stop for all orders

  • Complete and unprecedent transparency

  • It can be traded on smaller accounts.

  • Aggressive and with relatively low drawdown.

  • Made by

One time payment: 29,90 USD

Green pack - Adjustable inputs guide


Secondary MACD filter (current market trend)

  • Beta MACD Fast EMA 2: Adjust calculation period for fast Moving average of MACD histogram

  • Beta MACD Slow EMA 2: Adjust calculation period for slow  Moving average of MACD histogram


Primary MACD filter (major market trend)


  • Alfa MACD Fast EMA: Adjust calculation period for fast Moving average of MACD histogram

  • Alfa MACD Slow EMA: Adjust calculation period for slow  Moving average of MACD histogram


Signal and position placement parameters


  • Take profit: Take profit for all orders (in points). Position will be liquidated at whatever gets hit first (trailing stop/profit target).

  • Stop loss: Predetermined stop loss for all positions (in points).

  • BB dev: Deviation input for Bollinger bands indicator. Higher the setting, less frequent the signal.

  • BB period: Calculation period for Bollinger bands forex indicator (signal).

  • Stay valid: Determines how long will untriggred orders remain valid (in days).

  • Lot size: Stable lot size for all positions. All positions will pe placed with this lot size.

  • Increments for all: Determines the distance between positions. This setting has profound impactt on strategy drawdown and profit. When switching between timeframes adjustment is necessary.

  • Extra deviation: Detemines additional distance between closed candle high/low and the trailing stop (in points).

How to install Greenpack EA


  1. Open your MT4 platform.

  2. Click: File - Open data folder - MQL4 - Experts

  3. Copy the downloaded ex.4 file (Green pack) into the Experts folder.

  4. Close and restart your MT 4 platform.

  5. Green pack will be ready for use.


How to use Green pack expert advisor


  1. Click: View - Navigator - Expert advisors

  2. Drag and drop Greenpack EA on your chosen chart. 


  • Allow autotrading

  • Allow DLL imports

  • Allow live trading

  • Allow modification of signal settings


Legal dislaimer: 

CFTC RULE 4.41 These results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.


TheForexkings disclaimer

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