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About us:

About Marian proprietor of

I started trading forex in first year of my university study in 2006. Student lifestyle on the budget and summers spent working in factories across the europe motivated me to pursue forex trading and business in general. 
I finished my state exams (microbiology and genetics) in 2011 and at the same year I launched my first ever forex related website. During the process of building it, I have found out that I'm actually really excited about building digital things. 
I worked briefly as scientist in bioenergy research facility. I have also spend one year as middle level manager in cosmetics company. During the whole this time I relentlessly pursued my trading career. Once my contract ended I became full time trade and web developer. 
I have spend most of the following years on the beach playing, trading or building websites. You can learn more about my journey on my personal blog. 

Trading FOREX and developing websites are two of my biggest passions. In theforexkings I managed to connect both of them.


About project.

Internet is full of forex strategies that could never work in a million years or overpriced secrets that will always turn out to be overhyped and repacked well known principles. Trader will be therefore stuck with one option only. Trust only himself and test everything himself. 
However this Edison like approach, takes years and often leads nowhere or worse: in cycles. 
During the 2016 - 2017 we have developed and tested close to 600 forex strategies. Out of which we published +400 forex strategies and+200 Expert advisors. Each of them tested on over decade of historical data. 
We closely examined each system we could get our hands on. This includes aggressive systems (averaging, pyramiding,grid and scalping) but also more conservative approaches using various types of trailing stops, breakouts and swings. 
We experimented with and combined various approaches. This task gave us unique perspective on the market.

We want to give you a fighting and winning chance in the forex market. Each strategy is published with complete and transparent rules. Most of the strategies are published together with historical test results and expert advisor. 
Expert advisors are able to optimize and backtest each strategy for any timeframe or currency pair. EA can be subsequently used to trade automatically. EA will trade forex strategy relentlessly 24/ 5. It will avoid human mistakes, emotions and greed. While it is not a bulletproof way to trade. Your chances of winning are much better when using a robot. 


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